Naomi Hossain

This is a space for some of my published research and shorter writings. Feedback is always welcome.

My work focuses on the politics of provisions – on price spikes, subsistence protests, widespread worries about the way we eat now, and what economic globalization means for everyone’s everyday life and the challenges of politics and governance under conditions of volatility and commodification. As a feminist I’m particularly interested in understanding what globalization means for the unpaid care work on which our wellbeing depends so fully. I’m a Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex, but this is a personal space for all my writing. As a political sociologist, I am interested in how people organize to exercise / challenge power, and in particular in political culture, or the expressive sides of that organizing, particularly when it comes to crises of subsistence, or food shocks (food riots, in other words). And despite an abiding interest in anything to do with Bangladesh, I research in other countries too, and am  as bothered by the popular politics and food concerns of the alleged First World as of the Third. Much of this is about Bangladesh, but my work is comparative, and some pieces are about other countries on and in which I have researched.