Journal articles & book chapters

My published academic work is regularly updated on my Google Scholar page here and on my researchgate page here.

Recent journal articles:

Hossain, Naomi, and Marjoke Oosterom. 2021. “The Implications of Closing Civic Space for Hunger and Poverty in the Global South.” Global Policy 12 (S5): 59–69. Open access available here.

‘The moral and political economy of the pandemic in Bangladesh: Weak states and strong societies during Covid-19’. World Development (with Tariq Omar Ali and Mirza Hassan) (forthcoming in 2021). Open access available here

‘Food politics and development’. World Development Vol 134 (105-24) (with Melissa Leach, Nick Nisbett, Lidia Cabral, Jody Harris, and John Thompson)(2020) Open access available here

‘Introduction’ to ‘Contentious Empowerment: Women, Development, and Power in South Asia’. Special Issue of Contemporary South Asia Vol 27 (4) (with Sohela Nazneen and Deepta Chopra)(2019)

‘Rana Plaza, disaster politics, and the empowerment of women garment workers in Bangladesh’ Contemporary South Asia Vol 27 (4) 516-30 (2019)

‘A Common Sense Approach to the Right to Food.’ Journal of Human Rights Practice 10 (3): 367–87 (co-authored with Dolf te Lintelo) (2019)

‘Food riots in Bangladesh? Garments Worker Protests and Globalized Subsistence Crises’. Zapruder World Vol. Food Fights 5. (2019). Available open access here

‘Ethical and methodological challenges in large qualitative participatory studies’. American Behavioral Scientist 63 (5): 584-603 (co-authored with Patta Scott-Villiers) (2018)

‘How the international media framed ‘food riots’ during the 2008 global food crisis’. Food Security 10 (3): 677-88 (2018)

‘Post-conflict ruptures and the political space for women’s empowerment in Bangladesh’. Women’s Studies International Forum 68: 104-12 (2018)

‘The 1970 Bhola cyclone, nationalist politics, and the subsistence crisis contract in Bangladesh’. Disasters 42 (1) 187-203 (2017)

‘Moral Economy in a Global Era: The Politics of Provisions during Contemporary Food Price Spikes’. Journal of Peasant Studies 41 (5) 815-31 (with D. Kalita) (2014)

‘Coping and resilience during the food, fuel and financial crises’. Journal of Development Studies 49 (5): 705-718 (with R. Heltberg, C. Turk. and A. Reva) (2013)

‘A ‘lost generation’? Impacts of complex compound crises on children and young people’. Development Policy Review (with J. A. McGregor) (2011)

‘Rude Accountability: Informal Pressures on Frontline Bureaucrats in Bangladesh’. Development and Change 41 (5) 907-928 (2010)

‘Invisible impacts and lost opportunities: evidence of the global recession in developing countries’. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice 18 (3) 269-79 (with co-authors R. Fillaili and G. Lubaale) (2010)

‘School exclusion as social exclusion: the practices and effects of a conditional cash transfer programme for the poor in Bangladesh’. Journal of Development Studies Volume 46, Issue 7, 1264 – 1282 (2010)